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Topic: Embedded C++ Development for the Game Boy Advance

Presenter: Richard Thomson

Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Time: 6:30:00 PM -

Location: Simmons Building @ DATC

In this presentation, I'll give an introduction to embedded development using C++. The target hardware environment will be the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This hardware target is supported by an open source toolchains, a free emulator and a rich user community. Some of the topics to be covered include:
* How does the compilation environment differ for embedded systems?
* How do I unit test code written for embedded systems?
* How do C++'s lightweight abstractions help prevent us from making mistakes when targeting an embedded system?

About the presenter:

Richard Thomson is currently the Principal Architect for Modeling at Daz 3D and the Director of the Computer Graphics Museum. Richard has been a contributor to the Utah development community for many years as a speaker at Utah Code Camp and more recently as the organizer of the Utah C++ Programmers and 3D Modelers meetups. Richard has previously presented at the Agile Roots and C++ Now! conferences. Some of his presentations are on slideshare.

Meeting Location

Mindfire Technology

872 West Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton UT 84041

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