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  • Nov 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Building a ChatBot in the Cloud
    Presenter: Mike Erickson

    In this presentation we will use Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda to build a ChatBot front end that will support a natural English conversation with the bot.

  • Oct 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 5
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    Sounds, Sensors, Senses, Surprises!

  • Sept 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Game Night!
    Presenter: N/A

    Game night! A good old-fashioned LAN party and more! The old (StarCraft), and the new (VR gaming) converge. Folks may decide to play other games as well.

  • Aug 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Embedded C++ Development for the Game Boy Advance
    Presenter: Richard Thomson

    In this presentation, I'll give an introduction to embedded development using C++.

  • July 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Micro Services
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    Introduction to Microservices:People have gone crazy about Microservices in the past couple of years! With the rise of PaaS / the "Cloud", our goal has been to write software that scales appropriately with demand. Microservices holds the key to scalability, but only if they are done correctly. Learn about the tenants of Microservices and how to architect an enterprise system.

  • June 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Machine Learning with TensorFlow
    Presenter: Stephen Knotek

    Machine Learning with TensorFlow

  • May 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Updating Web Data with SSIS
    Presenter: George Ray

    Why are there so many songs about APIs and what’s on the other side?

  • April 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party
    Presenter: Scott Golightly

    We're going to get together and learn about some of the awesome new features of Visual Studio 2017. We'll try to answer the standard "why / when should I upgrade" questions as well.

  • March 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Introduction to Big Data Part 1
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    Nathan Zaugg will begin his multi-part series on working with Big Data.

  • February 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Storm
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg, Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus

    We will have a series of short lightning talks about a variety of topics. There is sure to be something for everyone.

  • January 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
    Presenter: Bruce Nielson

    Quantum Mechanics and Computation is a very difficult subject that can’t possibly be covered in depth in a single presentation, but this presentation will help you gain enough intuition for these subjects that you can better sort fact from fiction. What can we really do with quantum computers that we can’t do with a regular computer?

  • December 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Making Sense of Cloud Computing
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    We'll discuss microservice architecture, containers, service buses, streaming, data storage, and more.

  • October 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 4
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    Wearables, Winduino, Arduinode, and Nerdtacular Lighting We talk about how to mix programming with micro electronics to make your Halloween activities more unique. We cover a spectrum of technology and we're covering more this year than ever before!

  • August 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: .NET Core - The Missing Introduction
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    The ASP.NET team has invested a lot of work into porting their platform to the new .NET Core, making possible along with it Console applications, and others. Come learn the why's and hows of the .NET Core technology.

  • July 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: 3D Modeling
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Learn to use free CAD tools to create 3D models which you can bring to life on a 3D printer. I will focus on 3D modeling as it pertains to fabrication - CAD or 3D printing - using easy-to-use free tools. I will show all the concepts you need to know to make any model you want.

  • June 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Intro to Debugging with WinDbg
    Presenter: Erik Olson

    WinDbg is Microsoft's tool for debugging managed and native apps as well as their kernel. It can help solve computer and application crashes, and it can give you a window into what your frameworks are doing under the hood.

  • May 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Talks
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nathan Zaugg, Daniel Beus

    Lightning Storm - a series of Lightning Talks: Encryption, Compression, Regular Expressions, You're doing it wrong: Async & Await... and more!

  • April 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Angular 2
    Presenter: Bryan Hadlock

    What's so great about Angular 2? Come to NUNUG and see!!! If you are a newbie to Angular. AWESOME!!! You won't have to relearn anything.

  • March 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: C# 6.0 Tour
    Presenter: Troy Fillerup

    Troy Fillerup will introduce us to the latest version of C# with a tour of the new features version 6.0.

  • February 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Tools, Tips, & Tricks
    Presenter: Ad Hoc

    We'll be doing something a bit different this month. The audience will be invited to come up, plug in and show us their favorite tools, tips, tricks, tool chains, processes, test beds, cheat sheets, whatever you want!

  • December 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Introduction to Unity3D Part 2
    Presenter: Tony Pitman

    Last year we had Introduction to Unity3D. This is meant to be a review and follow-on presentation.

  • October 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 3 - Controlling a Halloween Prop with Raspberry Pi & Win10 IoT
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nathan Zaugg, Daniel Beus

    We will use Windows 10 IoT on a Raspberry Pi and program it to control a Halloween Prop.

  • September 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: ASP.NET 5
    Presenter: Scott Golightly

    ASP.NET 5 is a major change from previous versions of ASP.NET. From the new cross platform .NET Framework to the opt-in nature of modules to the different tools that are bundled with ASP.NET 5 there is a lot to learn.

  • August 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2015 - First Look
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    We're going to go over the awesome new features of both the Windows 10 OS and Visual Studio 2015.

  • July 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: IronPython for .NET
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    .NET has always been a Multi-Language paragon. Over the years we have explored C#, F#, and Delphi Prism. Python is a little different. We will explore what we can do with it.

  • June 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: EcmaScript 6
    Presenter: Daniel Beus

    JavaScript (based on the EcmaScript standard) has become a widely used and well structured language in recent years, and most development opportunities in today's market will likely involve writing some web code. This meeting will focus on the newest syntax and how it can make code much more readable and usable.

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