Meeting History

  • June 2022 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Game Dev Exhibit 2022
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Kids Code Camp 2022 is right around the corner! We built new games again this year and want to show them off. For NUNUG, we'll show the games, go over the code, and talk about how they were designed and the the tools used. Also sharing on Zoom:

  • May 2022 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: A Tour of MAUI
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    .NET MAUI (Multiplatform App UI) is the next UI framework from Microsoft. Nate will get you started on your journey!

  • April 2022 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: .NET 6 Linq Extensions
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    .NET 6 added new extension methods for Linq! We'll go over each one, with examples.

  • February 2022 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: 2022 Tool Review
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore & Nate Zaugg

    This month we're going to look at a list of our favorite and most useful tools, utilities, extensions and services for getting your dev done. This is a nice review of some we've shown in the past but also includes many new ones.

  • January 2022 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Bootstrapping Intelligence: Getting Started with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Presenter: Bruce Nielson

    Reinforcement Learning has created a lot of excitement with its success in Alpha Go beating the world Go champion, Lee Sedol. In this presentation, I’ll introduce you to Q Learning and how to convert a Q Learning algorithm into a Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm to solve one of Open AI’s Open Gym problems: Lunar Lander. Deep Reinforcement Learning replaces a Q Learning Q-table (a representation of every possible configuration of the problem you wish to solve) with a Deep Learning Neural Network. It works off an idea that is a bit hard to believe it even works – letting the Neural Net predict its own ground truth for training. By bootstrapping itself and letting rewards from the real world slowly guide it, it can successfully solve Open Gym games like Lunar Lander.

  • November 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: 2021 Microsoft Launch Party!
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nate Zaugg

    It's that time again! Microsoft will be launching a whole pile of new tools and tech and we'll be there to show it to you. We'll cover what has been released, what hasn't and what we're excited about.

  • October 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 8
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nate Zaugg, Ben Zaugg

    ---- NOTE! This is not our normal meeting night! ---- Scary Gadgets is back again. Round 8 keeps the undead at bay with new props and projects, tricks and technologies. We're making it easier than ever to extract the screams from those pesky candy bandits, to haunt your homestead or add some pop to your party. Attend online or in-person. See you there!

  • September 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Kubernetes
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    If you've got some handle on Docker, then the next step in the evolution is to figure out how to run your containerized code in Kubernetes. Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto way to deploy your containers in the cloud. It's supported by every cloud vendor, and there is incredible benefits when your run your apps in Kubernetes. We'll go over the basics of Kubernetes, what it is, how to use some of the basic commands, and how to deploy an application that works with docker compose into a Kubernetes cluster.

  • August 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: NUNUG BBQ and Game Night!
    Presenter: No one 'cause it's a game night!

    Welcome back! For August, we are having an in-person live party. Vaccinated persons only, masks optional, hand-washing mandatory. For games, please bring a laptop preinstalled with your choices of: - StarCraft 2 - Overwatch - Quake 3 (No need to preinstall this, we will use a portable no-install version) BBQ food and drinks will be provided. If anyone wants to bring a side, they're welcome to.

  • July 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: ECS Architecture, Roblox Platform
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    We have two game dev topics this month. First, Phil will go over the ECS architecture, a design found in many game engines, including the Unity3D Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS). He'll show you a very simple custom ECS engine he wrote for Kids Code Camp to give you an idea of how they work. Second, Ben will cover the Roblox Game Platform. Roblox is surprisingly versatile. On this platform, you can play games or you can make your own simple, fun games using as much or as little scripting as you like. It can also be used as a kind of modeling system that you can explore in first person. Ben will show how to edit terrain, build models and build a simple pirate game in Roblox Studio.

  • June 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: IAsyncEnumerable and IObservable
    Presenter: Dan Beus

    Have you ever needed to run code that requires you to start and stop and different places? How about a program that has a long running operation during which you'd like to report progress? Or how about an app that needs to report data asynchronously as it runs? These are all problems that can be solved with existing patterns which use interfaces like IAsyncEnumerable and IObservable.

  • May 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Xamarin Forms 5
    Presenter: Dan Beus

    We've covered Xamarin Forms before, and we have even shown off some of the newest features. For this meeting we are going to combine all that we have learned into an app using Xamarin's latest. We'll be going over some of the design decisions and how to architect them, as well as how to use some of the newest code features. If you've ever been insterested in using Xamarin to make mobile apps, you won't want to miss this meeting.

  • April 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Fun with Blazor
    Presenter: Justin Wright

    We love Blazor and WebAssembly! We'd like to share what we've learned so far to help you build Blazor applications even faster. Veteran developer Justin Wright joins us to review the basics, explore the versatile MudBlazor component suite and show off an open source application template that will have you building great-looking, working apps almost immediately! Finally, he'll review a real-world application which was built with these very technologies.

  • March 2021
    Topic: GitHub Actions
    Presenter: Dan Beus

    Have you ever wanted to look in to automation of parts of your reviews process? Sick of getting a pull request only to find that the code doesn't build? Tired of having to manually run tests every time you get the latest just to make sure it's not broken? Continuous integration and continuous deployment are not new concepts, but sometimes getting started with them can be a pain - especially for small personal projects where you don't have access to large servers or bank accounts. GitHub has always been the place to store code for personal use, and is becoming the de facto place to store code for professional use. Using GitHub Actions can dramatically decrease the amount of time spent on reviewing code for build errors and failing tests. It can also help in deploying packages to places like NuGet, NPM, AWS, Azure, and many, many more. Come learn how to use these powerful tools to save yourself time and have more confidence that what you're publishing will work as expected.

  • February 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: LINQ from Zero to Sixty
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Many developers who know C# have not picked up Linq. It will change the way you write code. We will give you a working knowledge of it starting from zero. Buckle up and take notes!

  • January 2021 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Talks
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Dan Beus

    We will present a series of short lightning talks. We will cover NuGet package creation, json-server, NGrok, LocalTunnel, remote Raspberry Pi administration, top-level C# programs and GitHub Gist. These are shallow introductions to a variety of topics so everyone is sure to learn something new.

  • November 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: .NET 5 with Blazor Webassembly
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    With the release of .NET 5 this week, one of the major gains is Blazor Webassembly being updated, slimmed up, and made much faster. I'll talk about the roadmap for Blazor, show some of the most useful features, and show you what you need to know to get started with Blazor for your next web project.

  • October 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 7.2 - Arm Cannon Reloaded and DragonFire!
    Presenter: Dan Beus, Nate Zaugg

    In light of the dumpster fire that is 2020, we have decided to fight back with a second Scary Gadgets meeting this year! In September, we brought you treats with the Covid Candy Chute (CCC) but it wasn't enough. We have... unfinished business! This month, we also have a trick for you. What could be neater than a fire-breathing dragon? We will show you how to build a fireball shooter without Burninating The Peasants! We also bring you costumes with the Arm Cannon Reloaded. A revision of a past demo which included all build parts from items you could repurpose at home, this one is better designed and more thought out by including 3D printed parts. We look at how to multi-task the device so that it can handle multiple animations and sound as well as how to make it more customizable. Join us here:

  • September 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 7.1 - Candy Dispenser
    Presenter: Dan Beus

    Concerned about Covid? Are you tired of the hustle and bustle during Halloween? Tired of getting out of your chair just to hand out endless sugary goodness to the local candy bandits? Well this month we're making something to end your tired woes. Join us as we create a simple, social-distancing candy dispenser that can be used to take care of dispensing candy for you so that you can enjoy your Halloween too. This simple device can be built with items purchased from any hardware store along with a couple of electronics pieces. It's fairly easy to build, so join us as we endeavor to make Halloween better. Join us on Zoom here:

  • August 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Source Generators in C#
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    This month, we take a closer look at Source Generators, a powerful extension to Roslyn Analyzers. A Zoom link will be provided shortly before the meeting starts.

  • July 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: DotNet 5
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    We're already on Preview 6 of .NET 5. This is a big release! We'll go over what's new in .NET5 and C# 9.

  • June 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: NUNUG Game Night
    Presenter: N/A

    For our June NUNUG meeting we will have a game night. Normally, we have a BBQ / Game night each summer but since we're all staying in, you'll have to do your own BBQ. But we'll be online with you to have our game night! We have been working hard on Kids Code Camp ( and decided we deserved to have some fun. We will be online playing games at 6:30pm. We have set up a Discord server for everyone to coordinate and find each other.

  • May 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Let's Make a Game! (Online Meeting)
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    In this meeting, we'll make a Pac-Man game from scratch in Python using as few shortcuts as possible. This meeting will be online only. YouTube Meeting URL: NUNUG Youtube Channel:

  • March 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Verify is Worth 1,000 Asserts - An Introduction to ApprovalTests.Net
    Presenter: Gary Ray

    When testing complex systems and objects, particularly in a legacy code base, you can find yourself writing a thousand Assert() statements to check the value of individual properties. What if you could write a single Verify() line that would validate the state of an entire complex object, or verify the full state of a View or Form? What if you could test the diff for a generated report or an image? That is the idea behind Approval Tests, a cross-platform and open source testing framework. The Approval Tests framework and related extensions are available on NuGet, and more information can be found at

  • February 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Video Game Hacking
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Hack your console and PC games like a pro! I'll show you how I've created hundreds of my own cheats and hacks for games on PC, NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Genesis, Gameboy and Playstation. Using standard and custom tools we will try to create a brand new cheat, create a patch for it and run it on real NES or Playstation hardware. We will talk about memory systems, number systems, data structures, diffhacking, patching, emulation, save states, memcard hacking, memory scanners, trainers, debugging, decompilation and code injection.

  • January 2020 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: NDepend
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    NDepend is the only Visual Studio extension that is able to tell the developer that over the past hour, the code just written has introduced debt that would cost for example about 30 minutes should it have to be repaid later. Knowing this, the developer can fix the code before even committing it to the source control. With NDepend code rules are C# LINQ queries that can be created and customized in a matter of seconds. These queries contain C# formulas to compute accurate technical debt estimations. The default rule-set offers over a hundred code rules that detect a wide range of code smells including entangled code, dead-code, API breaking changes and bad OOP usage.

  • November 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Skeeball!
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    See how we built a row of skeeball games using MonoGame, Arduino and ASP.Net Core!

  • October 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 7
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Dan Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    We will unfortunately be cancelling this month's meeting due to a series of problems including illness, scheduling conflicts, and problematic projects. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • September 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Enterprise Service Bus
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    It could be said that just about every enterprise could benefit from having an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) at the center of their organization. This enterprise-level architecture helps take disparate applications and knit them together in a way that makes sense. In this session we'll discuss the difference between Application Architecture and Enterprise Architecture, the role of an ESB in enterprise architecture, and the benefits of using an ESB between them.

  • August 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: MonoGame Fundamentals

    This month we'll talk about one of the most interesting programming topics... game development! We will look at the powerful MonoGame framework (formerly XNA), how it works, how it compares to Unity3D, GameMaker and SDL. Then we'll thoroughly cover every single skill you'll need to build a top-notch 2D game of any kind.

  • July 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Game Night
    Presenter: No One

    Come join us for a NUNUG Game night and BBQ! We will be gathering together some of the more common and long standing favorites like StarCraft and Quake. So, if you're looking for a good time with people who have similar interests accompanied by good food, look no further! We are planning on having StarCraft, StarCraft II, and the Quake collection as games that we will be playing. StarCraft and StarCraft II can be downloaded for free, however Quake will need to be purchased from your favorite game store (it's on sale on Steam until 11:00 AM MST on 7/9/2019 for 50% off). See the full details for links to the download pages. We will also have 2 VR stations setup playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

  • June 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: WPF in .NET Core 3
    Presenter: Dan Beus

    For years the .NET framework was the place to go for quick and efficient Windows desktop development. .NET offers a robust framework with a quick development life cycle. With the advent of .NET Core, projects like console apps and web apps have been moved to a cross-platform runtime with easy to use tools. Windows desktop applications did not get that same level of treatment and were forced to remain solely in the .NET framework arena -- until now. Introducing WPF in .NET Core 3!

  • May 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Beginner's Intro to C#
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Learn to code! We will start from the beginning and go over every basic programming construct in the C# language, including object-oriented programming. That's a tall order, so we'll go as fast as we can and get as far as we can in the time we have. This is a great meeting for youth to attend if they plan to go to Kids Coding Con this year on June 8th. For those who don't make it to KCC, we will have a followup NUNUG meeting in June where we will cover game development in C# with MonoGame!

  • April 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: MCU Roundup
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg, Phil Gilmore, Dan Beus

    Microcontrollers, or MCUs, are small devices that can be used to interact with physical items in the real world. They are programmable and can be adapted to a nearly infinite number of different projects and situations; they provide an opportunity to automate or simplify tasks in many situations. For this month's presentation, we will be covering a wide gamut of MCUs, explaining how to begin using them for projects on your own. We will even demonstrate some of the more (seemingly) difficult tasks, and show which MCU may be best for your situation. The MCUs we will be using will cover everything from tiny and basic controllers, all the way up to controllers with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and CAN communications. If you have ever wondered how to get a device to do work for you, this presentation is for you. If you haven't, this presentation may inspire you to create something on your own. Either way, it should be fun and educational -- our MCU projects have a tendency to be crazy, so it should at least be entertaining.

  • March 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Modern C#
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg / Dan Beus

    The upcoming release C# 8 boasts the largest set of new features we've seen in years! We'll discuss features like Span, ValueTask, Recursive Patterns, Index / Range, Nullable Reference Types, and many others. These features allow us to do more with less code, and also allow us to create more performant and efficient code. They bring useful features from other languages into C#

  • February 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: No Meeting This Month
    Presenter: None

    There will not be a meeting for the month of February due to it being the same night as Valentine's day. We will continue our regularly scheduled meetings in March. See you then!

  • January 2019 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Reinforcement Learning
    Presenter: Bruce Nielsen

    Reinforcement Learning is a fascinating form of Machine Learning that allows an agent to learn from real world feedback over time rather than requiring labeled “desired outputs”, as is required in the more popular “Supervised Learning”. This makes Reinforcement Learning ideal for many types of tasks where we can’t reasonably come up with natural or expert labels/outputs.

  • Nov 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Do the Impossible with Blazor and WebAssembly
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    The C# Language is a fantastically productive language, but doesn't run on a browser....or does it? We'll take an in-depth look at Blazor, C#/.NET in the browser. Utilizing .NET and Razor code Blazor could well be the future of web development, so you better figure it out early!

  • Oct 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 6 - There's something in the air...
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Dan Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    Our 6th annual Halloween special. Don't miss it. They don't like it when you miss it.

  • Sept 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Docker for Devs
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    The majority of new projects written these days target Docker. It's easy to see why with the rise of DevOps, Microservices, and the cloud. Come and learn the basics of Docker -- how to get started, how to make it work with your project, and how to host these containers in your infrastructure.

  • Aug 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Windows Command Line Workshop
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    We will learn to use the Windows command line as a group from the ground up. We won't learn everything, but you'll learn enough to make the command line a staple in your everyday work and hopefully even put it on your resume. This is a workshop so bring a laptop.

  • July 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Storm!
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nate Zaugg

    Join us for a series of short, shallow discussions on various technologies. It's hard to keep up with everything that's out there. Lightning talks can give you the skinny on things you haven't had time to look into on your own, giving you enough insight to know where to spend your precious study time.

  • June 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Azure Cloud Computing
    Presenter: Troy Fillerup

    Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular by the day. Everyone wants to put everything in 'The Cloud'. We will be exploring a little bit about Azure from a .NET developer perspective. We will have some demos on how to implement CI/CD and how Azure scaling and deployment works. If time permits, we will also look a little into the IoT capabilities that Azure provides.

  • May 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Node-RED
    Presenter: Daniel Beus

    Node-RED is a programming tool for working with hardware devices in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style. It allows developers to create work flows for everything from websites to integrated devices using a series of connected nodes designed in a browser. The Node-RED interface can make learning to work with hardware much more simplistic and can get novices started much more quickly. It can also be used by professionals that want to have a better way of quickly designing projects without all the boilerplate a normal project may incur.

  • April 2018 Meeting Announcemnt
    Topic: Mocking Frameworks
    Presenter: Daniel Beus

    Everyone knows they should test their code, but it can be a pain to try to create test versions of all your dependencies. Having to rewrite much of your code just to have test versions is time consuming and problematic. Mocking frameworks to the rescue!

  • March 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Patterns in C#
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    We will cover most of the OOP patterns from the Gang Of Four (GoF) book, Design Patterns, from a C# perspective. We'll look at the problems that they solve and the problems they introduce. This should be a good introduction to good practices for novice developers and a fun exercise for veteran software geeks.

  • February 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Software development is expensive and complex. AOP can reduce development costs by taking code generation to a whole new level. Write code that produces new code and weaves it into your code at compile time or runtime.

  • Jan 2018 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Assertion Libraries
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    We have hopefully convinced everyone of the importance of unit testing and inspired everyone to use it in their daily work. But testing is only useful if the tests work and are maintained. Assertion libraries are an easy way to make tests more readable and readable code is more maintainable. We'll do a comparison between Shouldly, Fluent Assertions, NFluent and NSpec.

  • Nov 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Building a ChatBot in the Cloud
    Presenter: Mike Erickson

    In this presentation we will use Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda to build a ChatBot front end that will support a natural English conversation with the bot.

  • Oct 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 5
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    Sounds, Sensors, Senses, Surprises!

  • Sept 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Game Night!
    Presenter: N/A

    Game night! A good old-fashioned LAN party and more! The old (StarCraft), and the new (VR gaming) converge. Folks may decide to play other games as well.

  • Aug 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Embedded C++ Development for the Game Boy Advance
    Presenter: Richard Thomson

    In this presentation, I'll give an introduction to embedded development using C++.

  • July 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Micro Services
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    Introduction to Microservices:People have gone crazy about Microservices in the past couple of years! With the rise of PaaS / the "Cloud", our goal has been to write software that scales appropriately with demand. Microservices holds the key to scalability, but only if they are done correctly. Learn about the tenants of Microservices and how to architect an enterprise system.

  • June 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Machine Learning with TensorFlow
    Presenter: Stephen Knotek

    Machine Learning with TensorFlow

  • May 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Updating Web Data with SSIS
    Presenter: George Ray

    Why are there so many songs about APIs and what’s on the other side?

  • April 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party
    Presenter: Scott Golightly

    We're going to get together and learn about some of the awesome new features of Visual Studio 2017. We'll try to answer the standard "why / when should I upgrade" questions as well.

  • April 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Angular 2
    Presenter: Bryan Hadlock

    What's so great about Angular 2? Come to NUNUG and see!!! If you are a newbie to Angular. AWESOME!!! You won't have to relearn anything.

  • March 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Introduction to Big Data Part 1
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    Nathan Zaugg will begin his multi-part series on working with Big Data.

  • February 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Storm
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg, Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus

    We will have a series of short lightning talks about a variety of topics. There is sure to be something for everyone.

  • January 2017 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
    Presenter: Bruce Nielson

    Quantum Mechanics and Computation is a very difficult subject that can’t possibly be covered in depth in a single presentation, but this presentation will help you gain enough intuition for these subjects that you can better sort fact from fiction. What can we really do with quantum computers that we can’t do with a regular computer?

  • December 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Making Sense of Cloud Computing
    Presenter: Nate Zaugg

    We'll discuss microservice architecture, containers, service buses, streaming, data storage, and more.

  • October 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 4
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nathan Zaugg

    Wearables, Winduino, Arduinode, and Nerdtacular Lighting We talk about how to mix programming with micro electronics to make your Halloween activities more unique. We cover a spectrum of technology and we're covering more this year than ever before!

  • August 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: .NET Core - The Missing Introduction
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    The ASP.NET team has invested a lot of work into porting their platform to the new .NET Core, making possible along with it Console applications, and others. Come learn the why's and hows of the .NET Core technology.

  • July 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: 3D Modeling
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    Learn to use free CAD tools to create 3D models which you can bring to life on a 3D printer. I will focus on 3D modeling as it pertains to fabrication - CAD or 3D printing - using easy-to-use free tools. I will show all the concepts you need to know to make any model you want.

  • June 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Intro to Debugging with WinDbg
    Presenter: Erik Olson

    WinDbg is Microsoft's tool for debugging managed and native apps as well as their kernel. It can help solve computer and application crashes, and it can give you a window into what your frameworks are doing under the hood.

  • May 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Lightning Talks
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nathan Zaugg, Daniel Beus

    Lightning Storm - a series of Lightning Talks: Encryption, Compression, Regular Expressions, You're doing it wrong: Async & Await... and more!

  • March 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: C# 6.0 Tour
    Presenter: Troy Fillerup

    Troy Fillerup will introduce us to the latest version of C# with a tour of the new features version 6.0.

  • February 2016 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Tools, Tips, & Tricks
    Presenter: Ad Hoc

    We'll be doing something a bit different this month. The audience will be invited to come up, plug in and show us their favorite tools, tips, tricks, tool chains, processes, test beds, cheat sheets, whatever you want!

  • December 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Introduction to Unity3D Part 2
    Presenter: Tony Pitman

    Last year we had Introduction to Unity3D. This is meant to be a review and follow-on presentation.

  • October 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Scary Gadgets 3 - Controlling a Halloween Prop with Raspberry Pi & Win10 IoT
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Nathan Zaugg, Daniel Beus

    We will use Windows 10 IoT on a Raspberry Pi and program it to control a Halloween Prop.

  • September 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: ASP.NET 5
    Presenter: Scott Golightly

    ASP.NET 5 is a major change from previous versions of ASP.NET. From the new cross platform .NET Framework to the opt-in nature of modules to the different tools that are bundled with ASP.NET 5 there is a lot to learn.

  • August 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2015 - First Look
    Presenter: Nathan Zaugg

    We're going to go over the awesome new features of both the Windows 10 OS and Visual Studio 2015.

  • July 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: IronPython for .NET
    Presenter: Phil Gilmore

    .NET has always been a Multi-Language paragon. Over the years we have explored C#, F#, and Delphi Prism. Python is a little different. We will explore what we can do with it.

  • June 2015 Meeting Announcement
    Topic: EcmaScript 6
    Presenter: Daniel Beus

    JavaScript (based on the EcmaScript standard) has become a widely used and well structured language in recent years, and most development opportunities in today's market will likely involve writing some web code. This meeting will focus on the newest syntax and how it can make code much more readable and usable.

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