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Topic: WPF in .NET Core 3

Presenter: Dan Beus

Date: Thursday, June 13, 2019

Time: 6:30:00 PM -


For years the .NET framework was the place to go for quick and efficient Windows desktop development. .NET offers a robust framework with a quick development life cycle. With the advent of .NET Core, projects like console apps and web apps have been moved to a cross-platform runtime with easy to use tools. Windows desktop applications did not get that same level of treatment and were forced to remain solely in the .NET framework arena -- until now.

.NET Core offers many advancements over the full .NET framework, including side-by-side installations, the lack of a need to install a framework (if you choose), and development with a whole host of IDEs outside of Visual Studio. This month we will focus on how to make the same WPF applications we're used to, but using the cross-platform, CLI driven, .NET Core tools. We will cover the basics of creating a project, and move all the way up to building a modern application with actual, usable controls.

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Mindfire Technology

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