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Topic: IAsyncEnumerable and IObservable

Presenter: Dan Beus

Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021

Time: 6:30:00 PM -


The IAsyncEnumerable and IObservable interfaces have been in the .NET platform for some time now, but are likely not as used as they could be. Join us in this presentation to learn how you can make use of them to make your programs easier to reason about, as well as easier to write to begin with. The IAsyncEnumerable interface allows us to load data asynchronously as we needed it, but can also be used to make a stateful algorithm easier. The IObservable interface allows us to publish data asynchronously as the application needs it in a decoupled and managed way. With the two combined, working with asynchronous data sources and certain complex algorithms becomes much simpler.

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