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Topic: Scary Gadgets 6 - There's something in the air...

Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Dan Beus, Nathan Zaugg

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time: 6:30:00 PM -

Location: 872 West Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton UT 84041

You thought all the scary gadgets had been done. You thought you were safe. But you were wrong, because we're back. And this time - it's pneumatic. Take a deep breath because we're playing with the big kids this year. We've gone full-bore, bringing you computer-controlled pneumatic-powered spookage like pro haunts use for ultra-dramatic scares. We take our Halloweens seriously and you're going to know it. The microcontrollers are out of control. The code is possessed. The wires have gone haywire. The fright is real and someone might even get hurt this year. There will be danger, food and giveaways. There is no reason to be anywhere else this Thursday so be here and please bring the older kids. Seriously, though, nobody's going to get hurt. We were kidding about that.

About the presenter:

They were born in uncertainty and forged by trauma.  Our three presenters never had a chance.  The cruelest hardships of the world being thrust upon them from an early age has tempered their minds in a crooked shape.  They will forever bear a demeanor that bids them to pass on their warped hobbies to the youth of today through intolerable scares and over the top Halloween frights.  They apologize in advance for the presentation upcoming.

Meeting Location

Mindfire Technology

872 West Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton UT 84041

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