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Topic: Scary Gadgets 4

Presenter: Phil Gilmore, Daniel Beus, Nathan Zaugg

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time: 6:30:00 PM - Presentation starts at 6:30PM

Location: See Meeting Location in the upper right corner

We deviate from .NET in these Halloween meetings but we have a lot of fun.  We talk about how to mix programming with micro electronics to make your Halloween activities more unique.  We cover a spectrum of technology and we're covering more this year than ever before!  Here's what we have in store:
- Bring your Halloween costumes out of the dark ages this year with a wearable Arm Canon.  Micro electronics are ubiquitous enough now that we can use them in all kids of projects. Learn how to integrate them into a Megaman-esque Halloween costume.
- Out-Halloween your neighbor, Griswold style!  Turn up the haunt with impressive custom computer-controlled lighting for your outdoor display on the cheap.  
We will brave our way through two new ways to work with Arduino to control your props:
- Windows Remote Arduino: Microsoft has provided us with a platform for communicating with an aruidno without having to write any arduino code. Coupled with a UWP app, we can do all kinds of things with our existing C# knowledge.
- Node.js on Arduino: JavaScript has become one of the biggest languages around and has some advantages over more strongly typed languages. We can use node.js to control and interact with an Arduino, all from the comfort of JavaScript.

About the presenter:

Phil Gilmore is a C#, Delphi and Python developer with 20 years experience. He is a consultant and a frequent presenter and technical speaker for several local user groups and for Utah Code Camp.  You can find his blog athttp://www.InteractiveASP.NET.
Daniel Beus is an all around awesome guy, stellar programmer and part-time Adjunct Professor for Weber State University.  He is a C# developer with solid roots in proper software design.  He is a frequent presenter for the Northern Utah .NET User Group.
Nathan Zaugg has done consulting for more than 10 years and has worked in IT for the past 15. He is co-president of NUNUG (Northern Utah .NET Users Group) and is a member of the board for Utah Geek Events which puts on Utah Code Camp, SQL Saturday, PodCamp, and other events throughout the year. He has been speaking at community events for several years and likes to stay up to date with the latest technology. You can find his blog athttp://www.InteractiveASP.NET and his podcast at He can also be found @natezaugg on Twitter.


Meeting Location

Mindfire Technology

872 West Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton UT 84041

Parking is FREE. No fees, no fines, no tags, no special spaces. We promise.

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