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Topic: Scary Gadgets 7.2 - Arm Cannon Reloaded and DragonFire!

Presenter: Dan Beus, Nate Zaugg

Date: Thursday, October 08, 2020

Time: 6:30:00 PM -


In light of the dumpster fire that is 2020, we have decided to fight back with a second Scary Gadgets meeting this year!

In September, we brought you treats with the Covid Candy Chute (CCC) but it wasn't enough. We have... unfinished business! This month, we also have a trick for you. What could be neater than a fire-breathing dragon? We will show you how to build a fireball shooter without Burninating The Peasants!

We also bring you costumes with the Arm Cannon Reloaded. A revision of a past demo which included all build parts from items you could repurpose at home, this one is better designed and more thought out by including 3D printed parts. We look at how to multi-task the device so that it can handle multiple animations and sound as well as how to make it more customizable.

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Mindfire Technology

872 West Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton UT 84041

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